Release Pledged Gold with Amrutha Gold

If you have gold jewelry, coins or other precious metal items currently pledged as collateral for a short-term loan, Amrutha Gold offers a fast and easy way to release pledged gold while getting the maximum value. Our release pledged gold services allow you to securely retrieve your items and get cash on the spot – no more waiting or paying excess interest and fees.

How to Release Pledged Gold

Amrutha Gold makes it simple to release pledged gold items in just 3 easy steps:

1. Get Items Evaluated The first step is bringing your pledged gold jewelry, coins, bars or dental pieces to any of our Amrutha Gold evaluation centers. Our certified gemologists and precious metals experts will thoroughly inspect, test and weigh each item to determine the most accurate melt value.

Using advanced XRF analyzers, diamond testers and precision scales, we carefully assess the gold purity, total weight in grams, gemstone quality (if applicable) and current market pricing to calculate our highest possible cash offer for releasing your pledged gold.

2. Accept Our Top Cash Offer Once your evaluation is complete, we’ll extend a cash offer to release the pledged gold items from the pawn loan or collateral lender. Our offer prices are ultra-competitive – typically 28-35% higher than pawn shop and jewelry store rates.

Amrutha Gold has the advantage of direct refinery pricing with no middlemen, allowing us to pay maximum value to release your pledged gold quickly. If you accept our cash offer amount, we pay you in full on the spot in your choice of cash, check or wire transfer. No hidden fees deducted.

3. Get Paid & Release Pledged Gold The final step is completing the transaction securely within our licensed, video-monitored facility. We handle all the paperwork and verification with the collateral lender to release the pledged gold items directly to our possession.

Once cleared, your items never leave our secured premises – we refine and recycle any gold, silver or platinum items using our own EPA-compliant processes and state-licensed smelters. This ensures total privacy when you release pledged gold with Amrutha Gold. You simply walk away with your cash payout.

Why Use Amrutha Gold to Release Pledged Gold?

With years of experience, Amrutha Gold has been the nation’s #1 buyer of pledged gold items from the public. We set the industry standard for:


Maximum Payouts to Release Pledged Gold

Our direct refinery pricing allows us to pay up to 35% more cash than pawn shops, gold exchanges and other competitors.


Accredited Evaluations

All appraisals are conducted by our certified gemologists holding respected credentials like GIA, ensuring accurate evaluations when you release pledged gold.


Licensed & Secured Facilities

We are a fully-licensed, compliant and insured precious metals facility you can trust when releasing pledged valuables.


Fast Payouts with Flexibility

Get paid by cash, check or wire upon releasing your pledged gold items. We have no restrictions or mandatory minimums.


A+ Customer Service

An A+ BBB rating demonstrates our ethical business practices and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Convenient Process

With evaluation locations nationwide, releasing pledged gold is fast and hassle-free. Appointments available 7 days a week.

Releasing pledged gold is often a last resort for those in need of quick cash due to unexpected expenses, medical bills, repairs or other financial obligations. At Amrutha Gold, we make it easy and transparent to release your pledged valuables securely without judgment.

Our process is also ideal for those looking to release pledged gold ahead of the expiration date and high interest rates common with pawn loans and collateral lending. We pay top dollar to release pledged gold immediately so you can walk away with maximum cash value, zero debt remaining.

If you’re ready to release pledged gold jewelry, coins, bullion or any other precious metal assets, look no further than the experts at Amrutha Gold. We offer secure, private and licensed facilities equipped to handle any size release pledged gold transaction quickly and conveniently.

Get started today by finding your nearest Amrutha Gold evaluation center location using our locator, or requesting a free consultation with one of our highly-trained release pledged gold specialists. Discover why we are the nation’s #1 choice to release pledged gold for maximum cash payouts!

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