Sell Your Old Gold Valuables at Amrutha Gold

Amrutha Gold is a leading professional buyer of old, broken and unwanted gold jewelry, coins, dental gold and other precious metal items from the public. If you possess gold valuables that are no longer needed, our company offers a secure, transparent process to sell your old gold for maximum cash value. 

The Streamlined Selling Process

Amrutha Gold has perfected a streamlined process to sell your old, unwanted gold in a safe and convenient manner:

1. Professional Evaluation

Simply bring your old gold jewelry, coins, bars, dental pieces and other precious metal items to any Amrutha Gold evaluation center location for a complimentary assessment. Our certified gemologists will conduct a multi-point inspection of each item in a secured testing area utilizing advanced tools and procedures.

Key evaluation factors include:

  • Total precious metal weight
  • Gold purity and karat amount  
  • Melt value of any scrap items
  • Gemstone/diamond quality (if applicable)
  • Current spot market gold pricing

This comprehensive assessment ensures an accurate, maximum valuation for your old gold pieces.

2. Highest Offer Presented

Upon completion of the evaluation, we will present you with a detailed cash quote in writing. Our pricing is guaranteed to be the highest in the industry – up to 33% above typical gold buyers – with no obligation to accept.

If you choose to accept our cash offer, payment is rendered immediately on-site via your preferred payment method without any unexpected deductions.

3. Secure Payment Processing

The final step to sell your old gold simply involves completing the cash payment transaction within our licensed facility. We process and refine all precious metal items ourselves using our own state-of-the-art smelting capabilities.

All transactions are video recorded and handled discreetly within our private evaluation rooms for your complete privacy and peace of mind.

We Purchase All Forms of Old Gold

Amrutha Gold is able to purchase virtually any type of old, unwanted precious metal item containing gold, including but not limited to:

  • Outmoded Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.)
  • Gold Bullion (coins, bars, dental gold)
  • Damaged Jewelry (missing stones, broken chains)
  • Gold Watches and Timepieces 
  • Gold Flatware and Serving Pieces
  • Gold Awards, Trophies and Accessories
  • Gold Nuggets and Ore Specimens
  • Unwanted Class Rings and Memorabilia

We readily accept single gold pieces as well as entire collections and estates. No item is too big or too small – our secure selling process and maximum cash payouts can accommodate any size transaction.

Get Started Today

If you wish to sell your old, unwanted gold valuables, we encourage you to get started by requesting one of our free, fully insured shipping kits. These allow you to conveniently mail your gold to our evaluation center from home with complete security and peace of mind.

Alternatively, you may locate your nearest Amrutha Gold evaluation center using our online locator and visit in-person for a private evaluation conducted by our expert staff.

We are located in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and with decades of professional experience, Amrutha Gold is unmatched in our ability to offer secure, maximum cash payouts when you sell old gold. We welcome you to request your free consultation or shipping kit today to experience our superior service standards.


Why Trust Amrutha Gold?

Amrutha Gold has established itself as the nation’s premier buyer of old gold, earning a reputation for integrity and competitive payouts. Key reasons to sell your old gold with our firm include:


Best Pricing to Sell Old Gold

We pay up to 33% higher prices compared to jewelers, pawn shops and online gold buyers by utilizing direct refinery pricing with minimal overhead costs.


Accredited Gold Evaluators

 All old gold valuations are conducted by our staff of certified gemologists holding credentials from respected institutions like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


Licensed & Secured Facilities

Your old gold pieces are securely processed within our licensed evaluation centers equipped with on-site smelting and precious metal refining capabilities.  


Comprehensive Pricing Transparency

We provide an upfront, detailed price quote in writing with zero obligation to sell and no hidden fees.


Rapid Payment Options

Choose payment via cash, check, wire transfer or physical gold trading card upon selling old gold items to us.


Exceptional Service Standards

An A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects our commitment to superior customer satisfaction.

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